By turning slightly left, is a small “shrine” dedicated to the monumental work the Shepards did in researching, writing, and finally publishing their book (after more than six decades), and Daniel Webster, featuring a vest (a gift of the Medford, MA Historical Society) that Daniel may actually have worn while visiting Franklin to get his image captured for all posterity. The case is topped with the 1932 panoramic photograph of the dedication of the Webster Bust in front of the church in which Webster prayed, the Congregational (now the Congregational-Christian Church).

To the left, is the case filled with bits of Franklin history, from high school memorabilia to the door handles from the Webster Inn. To its right, a tribute to all the local bands which have ever been formed, with the drum set and sheet music used by the White Mountain Boys in 1939.

To its left, is the first permanent display mounted in the museum, courtesy of Marvin Blair Sr. and Jr, and Maurice Tandy, the local seaman who served aboard the boat, honoring the service of the atomic submarine Daniel Webster and its crew.

Deeper into the room can be found the iconic image of Daniel seated beneath a tree at the Birthplace, which became the basis of the official Franklin City Seal, a case of Franklin ceramic and glass souvenirs, and some of the earliest documents detailing the beginning days of Franklin.

Franklin Historical Society-- Franklin, New Hampshire

In these strangest of times, it is uncertain when the Franklin Historical Society museum will be open to the public again. With this consideration, the following “teaser” photographic album was compiled to “whet your appetite” for when the day comes that a personal visit will be possible to view the exhibits, hear the stories, and interact with the docent. The learning opportunities are almost limitless...
In the main display room, named to honor the authors of “The History of Franklin” Alice M. Shepard and John S. Shepard Jr., there is a myriad of objects to amaze and delight.
In one corner as you enter is the tribute to the Franklin Firefighters Museum.