Franklin Historical Society
September 2023

Annette Cain for 1959 Garneau building materials receipt, a memory card for Ruth Kimball, St. Paul’s bookmarks noting the original church from 1884-1953, and the new church 1953-2000, boat registrations from her father, and business cards for Moise Mercier (her father), Jerry Audet, Dr. Duncan Coolidge, Fire Chief Scott Clarenbach, and a FPD reference card from Officer Stevens.

Sheila Rainford for two books on the care of historical photographs, and the care of works of art on paper.

Janet Jurta for a page of a 1982 Journal Transcript featuring pictures of the staff of the Trumpeter, with Fay Mahoney as publisher.

John Benham for a 1928 Franklin Centennial medal, a bag of Winter Carnival pin-back buttons, a pristine “Franklin Emergency Directory” booklet from circa 1960 (with 3 digit phone numbers!), several 1906-1909 real photo postcards (RPPC’s) mostly addressed to Garrett Cushing including one of “Fatty” Gignac and one of Mike Connors (the only cards with a specific Franklin image, Gignac a Franklin restaurant owner and Connors, a mill employee), a striking color pc of the Concord RR station and one of the Quechee Gulf Bridge (built 1875 for the Woodstock RR, converted to a steel span structure, now used for vehicular traffic) which looked just like Franklin’s Upside Down Bridge, a 1923 booklet on Daniel Webster published by John Hancock Insurance, 1920’s era Christian Church directory of members, 1923 100th Anniversary booklet for the Congregational Church, 1928 Centennial Pageant booklet for Franklin, 1981 “Memoirs of Nelson E. Howard”, 1950’s era Franklin Chamber of Commerce booklet, a Franklin Cooperative bank deposit paper wallet with local business advertising, a mimeographed copy of “Historical Accounts” from the Unitarian Church, plus booklets from Tilton Seminary, Swanzey’s 200th, Boscawen’s tribute to Rev. Dr. Samuel Wood, Bicentennial Exhibit of the NH Historical Society, a British booklet on Stonehenge, and an 1876 copy of “American Agriculturist” magazine.

Society News

As summer fades in the rearview mirror, one of the wettest seasons on record may make for more vibrant fall colors, but the question then becomes whether all the rain was a harbinger of a heavier snowfall this winter. As all New Englanders know, you brace for the worst while hoping for the best. For skiers, that means plenty of white, fluffy flakes obscuring the hillsides, but for someone clearing a driveway, the hope persists for only a light coating. Meanwhile, as autumn approaches with more reasonable temperatures, a window of opportunity without rain may be created to accomplish some much needed touch-up painting on the Society’s building, with some minor clapboard replacement.  It is really just a one person job, so no help is needed, but come spring, the gardens will require some serious attention to weed, thin, pot salvageable plants for the annual Plant Sale, and generally make more manageable, for which volunteer assistance would be most welcome (date TBD).

The September speaker on the Thursday the 7th (at 7 pm, at Webster Place) will be Rob Sargent, discussing “Hidden Treasures of the Franklin Public Library”. He promises some exciting surprises, so this is a must-attend for the devoted history buff dedicated to saving and learning from Franklin’s artifacts. All are welcome, with light refreshments between the presentation and the Society’s regular business/board meeting, in which all are encouraged to participate.​

Using the above topic as a natural segue to other items of interest, so much has come to the Society as additions to its collections that there was no real “down time” on weekends between cataloging and entertaining guests with tours of our museum. For all these special gifts, the Society is deeply appreciative and extends its heartfelt thanks to the following donors:

Linda Pauwels for her usual donation of newspaper clippings and obituaries relative to Franklin, and a contemporary restaurant paper placemat with a vintage view of Central Street.

Kathy Fuller for an empty Franklin Needle Co. latch needle box, a 1902 Franklin directory, 1991 Hill Village book, boys and girls group photos from the FHS Class of 1947, and two photos from Charles Thibodeau of a very young St. Mary’s school class in 1928, and an 8 x 10 featuring “Gold Star Moms” from WWII (including Roger S. Martin’s mother, prompting this photo to be added to the Martin Memorial display).

Franklin Historical Society-- Franklin, New Hampshire

Peggy Razzaboni, Hill Historical Society for an AW Frost pen, a Xerox copy of “The 100 Best Small Towns in America” including Franklin, RPPC’s of the Pemigewasset River valley and one of the Golden Rule Farm, and an 8 x 10 of the Franklin Military Band taken in front of the Laconia Christian Church in 1904 (originally donated to Hill be Beatrice Carr in 1988).

Dan Darling for a 1948 handbill touting upcoming features to be screened at the Regal Theater.

Gary Stevens for a sesquicentennial Franklin plate, sold as a souvenir in 1978 (now for sale as a memento by the Society).

And Carla Puffinburger for 4 x 6 graduation photos in presentation folders of members of the FHS Class of 1939, along with a 1918 photo of Raymond Whitcher in his army uniform (who is listed on the front of Soldiers Memorial Hall/city hall), all inherited from her mother whose aunt, Alice Yeo, graduated in 1939.

Now can one understand how time simply flew by on “Open Saturdays”?

As a reminder, for Labor Day weekend the Society will be open to visitors all three days from 10 am to 2 pm. It is the “last hurrah” before closing for the season.

As a courtesy to the Hill Historical Society, please note the flyer below:

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