Franklin Historical Society-- Franklin, New Hampshire

Contribute to our COOKBOOK!

Franklin Memories and Recipes 
The Franklin Historical Society is planning to document Franklin memories, recipes and vintage photos in an upcoming very special book. If you have any recipes, food related stories or memories, or vintage photographs which you are willing to share; we’d love to use them for this special book. 

Think back in time and let us know what you have. We can accept stories and recipes in hand written form or verbally to be scribed by another member or they can be submitted electronically using the form below. If you have a photo but no story or recipe, a recipe but no photo etc. that is fine, we will match your items up with others. 

All photos and any other written materials will be treated with care and returned quickly after being copied. We will also accept submissions at our next scheduled meeting in April, but if you have a contribution ready, please send it now. That will give our committee material to work with over the long New England winter months and would be greatly appreciated. 

To contribute via email,send to Include your recipe, a story that goes with it (long or short... we'll take it!), and any photos..