Franklin Historical Society-- Franklin, New Hampshire

For those wishing to communicate or send dues, donations, or packages via the US Postal service, please use the Society’s mailing address of
PO Box 43,
Franklin, NH 03235

​The Society DOES NOT accept mail deliveries at the Holy Cross Road address, the use of which could cause the mail to be returned or delayed.

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February. Possibly the shortest month of the year because, as being roughly in the middle of winter, people are anxious to get to spring and are thankful that the month won’t tarry too long to be over. For the Society, it is a time of “catching up”, in making sure that the archives inventory is up to date, and a time for the board and officers to have their off-season meeting to discuss strategies for improvement, financial considerations, make program suggestions, and most importantly, confirm commitments to serving the Society in their various capacities. This year, as in the recent past, the meeting will be held in (comfortably heated) Thompson Hall, on Thursday evening  February 22nd at 6 pm [NOTE: not 7 pm]. If a snow day is needed, a notice will be sent out the day before to all members, as even though the official purpose is to gather the board, anyone is welcome to attend. Especially anyone interested in taking the additional step of getting involved at the leadership level of the Society. If anyone has thoughts on what would make an interesting monthly presentation, please either attend, or jot down your ideas in a reply to this newsletter. All will be considered.

To see pictures of the progress of the project,

The Franklin Historical Society was incorporated in 1981 to study and preserve the history of Franklin.

Housed in the Historic Webster Tay/House, a part of Daniel Webster's "Elms Farm" from 1799-1855, later the New Hampshire Orphanage from 1871-1959, the Society meets on the first Thursday of the month from April through November. Scroll down the page to see directional photos. 

View or Print Directions to the Webster/Tay House
21 Holy Cross Rd

Our Society Cookbook, $12, available online at, or from the Society. 

MEMBER PRICE: $10, from the Society.

The verbal history book “Echoes from the Mills” has been reprinted by the Society and is now available for only $15. Also available, NEW! is a 13 1/2 by 23 1/2 copy of the 1890 map of Webster Lake, with a legend identifying businesses (ice houses) and owners of homes around the lake. Suitable for framing! On card stock for only $10. Please click on “Contact” and fill out the required information if you are interested in obtaining copies.