Franklin Historical Society-- Franklin, New Hampshire

The Franklin Historical Society was incorporated in 1981 to study and preserve the history of Franklin.

Housed in the Historic Webster Tay/House, a part of Daniel Webster's "Elms Farm" from 1799-1855, later the New Hampshire Orphanage from 1871-1959, and now the Webster Place Recovery Center, the Society meets on the first Thursday of the month from April through November. Scroll down the page to see directional photos. 

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21 Holy Cross Rd

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$12, available online at, or from the Society. 

MEMBER PRICE: $10, from the Society.

Every year poses new challenges and sets the bar ever higher so that even more can be done. 2019 will be no different. The Society hopes to see more faces at its meetings, eager to raise the banner of preservation, and appreciate what has come before, so we can all strive to make the future not only brighter, but worthy of this city’s amazing past.

As we look forward to the new year, so must we also peer backwards to review our successes, so that we may build on them, and to learn from projects which might have been taken further. Therefore this month our Society Newsletter is the year in review, 2018. What the Society accomplished, what still needs to be done, and areas which could be expanded to better utilize the strengths of the organization.

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To get to the Franklin Historical Society in the Webster/Tay house from Route 3, turn at this sign onto Holy Cross Road. 
The Historical Society is then the first building on the right.