To get to the Franklin Historical Society in the Webster/Tay house from Route 3, turn at this sign onto Holy Cross Road. 
The Historical Society is then the first building on the right.

Remembering the past in order to build a more informed and better future on history’s foundations, is the goal of every historical society. With a new year, come new expectations, aspirations, hopes, some promises, and always challenges. In another year of Covid 19 and its variations, those challenges can be novel and unpredictable, though some will always be the same. No organization can continue to thrive and grow without the infusion of new minds, with ideas, and drive and youth (a somewhat relative term). So it is with our Society, to discover and nurture new members who will ultimately take up the mantel of leadership to keep the organization viable and vital. All members should have this on their minds as we continue to move forward into 2022, and beyond.

Our Society Cookbook, $12, available online at, or from the Society. 

MEMBER PRICE: $10, from the Society.

For those wishing to communicate or send dues, donations, or packages via the US Postal service, please use the Society’s mailing address of PO Box 43, Franklin, NH 03235. The Society DOES NOT accept mail deliveries at the Holy Cross Road address, the use of which could cause the mail to be returned or delayed.

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The Franklin Historical Society was incorporated in 1981 to study and preserve the history of Franklin.

Housed in the Historic Webster Tay/House, a part of Daniel Webster's "Elms Farm" from 1799-1855, later the New Hampshire Orphanage from 1871-1959, and now the Webster Place Recovery Center, the Society meets on the first Thursday of the month from April through November. Scroll down the page to see directional photos. 

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21 Holy Cross Rd

Franklin Historical Society-- Franklin, New Hampshire