The Franklin Historical Society was incorporated in 1981 to study and preserve the history of Franklin.

Housed in the Historic Webster Tay/House, a part of Daniels Webster's "Elms Farm" from 1799-1855, later the New Hampshire Orphanage from 1871-1959, and now the Webster Place Recovery Center, the Society meets on the first Thursday of the month from April through November.

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21 Holy Cross Rd


Franklin Historical Society
Franklin, New Hampshire


Too Soon to Think About ... Winter?

As much as most of us do not want to admit the advent of winter (except of course those who love to frolic in the white stuff, obviously forgetting about the cold that accompanies it, driving in slippery conditions, or shoveling the driveway...), the leaves are falling along with the temperature, the tomato plants have been pulled, and a crispness is in the air. So what would be more appropriate for the November Franklin Historical Society meeting (the last one of 2014) than a slide show chronicling the history of the Franklin Outing Club? So put on your woolies, wrap a scarf around your bare neck, and find your way to our building at Webster Place on Thursday, November 6th, at 7 pm, and learn how for more than fifty years the Outing Club has put on winter carnivals to the delight of all and offered the chance to ski to young and old alike at the Veterans Memorial Ski Area. Light refreshments will be served and the presentation is free and open to all.

And if anyone has the first pin-back button commemorating the 1936-1937 winter carnival (see this month's picture) and is willing to part with it, bring it to the meeting. That elusive collectible is all that is missing to complete the Society's set of FOC buttons (which will be on display).

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Anyone wishing to join the board and become more active in their contribution 

to the Society's future should contact president Leigh Webb at 934-8222.
The job of preserving and learning from the past is a labor of love and well worth the effort. Please consider becoming a part of the Franklin Historical Society and its mission to move confidently into the future by truly understanding the past.

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