The Franklin Historical Society was incorporated in 1981 to study and preserve the history of Franklin.

Housed in the Historic Webster Tay/House, a part of Daniel Webster's "Elms Farm" from 1799-1855, later the New Hampshire Orphanage from 1871-1959, and now the Webster Place Recovery Center, the Society meets on the first Thursday of the month from April through November. Scroll down the page to see directional photos. 

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21 Holy Cross Rd

It is with a heavy heart that the Society recognizes the passing of two people who were incredibly generous in their gifts to the city they loved. David Hurst, who with his wife Carolyn, gave back to their community in so many ways. Hurst’s company Beck and Bellucci stepped up with the loan of their company's equipment, delivered and picked up, making it possible to complete siding work on the Webster-Tay House. 
The other individual was a retired deputy fire chief, former citizen of the year, long time member and contributor to the Society, historian, author, and friend. Andy Nadeau shared the Society’s goal of treasuring Franklin’s storied past and preserving all its aspects so that future generations never forget and learn from what came before. Because of Andy’s association with telling the history of Franklin, the Society will honor him on Thursday night, 7 pm, October 3rd, in the Webster/Tay House, with “A Tribute to Andy Nadeau” by showing the video made of Andy conducting a personalized tour of the Franklin Firefighters Museum.

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To get to the Franklin Historical Society in the Webster/Tay house from Route 3, turn at this sign onto Holy Cross Road. 
The Historical Society is then the first building on the right.

Franklin Historical Society-- Franklin, New Hampshire

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